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  1. MJneverDanced

    Legit logs you are the best man!!!

  2. jdss090923

    How could I mention receiving details here , kindly please guide me.

  3. Bones

    Bruh what details do you need for the WU transfer and do i cashout from home on the phone or i have to go to a WU shop?

    1. Contact us on Telegram or via Email

  4. пророк

    Я купил банковские журналы с балансом 70 тысяч на этом сайте. и я получил свой заказ через несколько часов. Эти ребята имеют в виду бизнес

  5. Machine Gun

    Bro i have been ripped by so called legit websites are you guys sure you are the real deal cox i am tired of wasting money sigh

  6. Ace of Spade

    The best working live cc

  7. DeathrowPac

    I was skeptical at first but my order came through all good!

  8. The Sandman

    I bought bank logs for a high amount and due to whatever reason it wasn’t working but it got changed for me and now everything Green…

  9. Frank

    We are going to be working together on a long term man

    1. Sure we will be looking forward to that

  10. Baddie

    This is the highest amount of money i have ever cashed out in my whole life as a single mom i really appreciate.

  11. Fat Tonny

    By far the best banklogs shop i have worked with there are few legit ones out here and you one dawg

  12. StayhoMeGuy

    I cashout good, we solid and kicking till ever!!

  13. GutterMouth

    Wsgood fam! You got UK bank logs with very high balance and good history?

    1. Yes, contact us on Telegram or Email

  14. Coon

    Hello, please after i order how long will it take for me to get my product?

    1. Right after your transaction is confirmed

  15. Kingpin

    Just got outta jail and used ma last cent for a bank log Swear these guys are solid

  16. Scarr

    Up up up!! We getting richer this year

  17. Mr Jigsaw

    Got my cloned card in AU in less than 3days

  18. Sandra

    I got my cashapp transfer few minutes after i made an order. This is the least i could do to show my appreciation. Thanks

    1. You are most welcome

  19. Butcher

    Hi guys how often can i order within a week period?

  20. Scarface

    This is the best bank logs site i have used this year! Most of the other sites i went to never came through for me.

  21. Le Boss

    Bruh you guys got some cool shit. Been a min finding you guys. I am stressed af

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